Devil Survivor 2: Official Design Works Prt 1 | Prt 2 | Prt 3 | Prt 4 | Prt 5 | Prt 6 | Prt 7Prt 8  | Prt 9  | Prt 10 

Cover and Back Cover.
And Hero 2’s final design and initial design.

I really like how Suzuhito drew this group shot for the cover design! Fem!Tico and Male!Tico look really precious near Anguished One aahh.
And check out Hero 2’s initial colors! Red Hoodie and brown hair?? lol 

I’ve decided to upload a little bit each day since my scanner is slow and I don’t want to ruin my book. Daichi and Io designs will be scanned tomorrow!