[ anime antagonist voice ] i-impossible! this can’t be happening — where are you getting all of this power?!

[anime protagonist voice] from my friends. but you wouldn’t know about that, would you?!


【腐向け】後輩属性もあった by こじま

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UBcon photos! (super late)
My childhood friend was Hanji from SnK (AoT). I didn’t have time to cosplay so I just dressed casually haha. `7`;
There were a lot of really great cosplayers from even Kagepro which I didn’t expect from a small local con! (And if any of you have tumblrs please list yourselves! You were all really cool and cute!)


Handheld buddy to take wherever you go!
Maybe one day I can make a app game like this?!?!? dhcjfkg

pepperminti said: How are you enjoying your conception 2 right now??? i'm still arguing in my mind whether to get it or not.... i played the demo, but i still don't know if it'll be worthwhile....

I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit! The game itself is definitely to be taken as just pure entertainment when you play shdjfk Actually I’m pretty sure if not for the dungeon crawling this would be 100% fanservice…

Sometimes I feel a little awkward reading through a majority of the dialogue or events since it’s blatantly sexist and absurdly perverted; Also the female sprites and models jiggle waaaay too much… and the Classmating cinematic is pretty much what it is. They really didn’t pull any punches with screaming “THIS IS A GAME WHERE YOU MAKE BABIES; I KNOW YOU’RE ONLY HOLDING HANDS AND TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD BUT YOU’RE BASICALLY MAKING BABIES!” (The game itself seems rather comedic because of all of these ridiculous elements).

The actual RPG segments are kinda easy so long as you level grind enough or spam strong spells but my favorite part is just training the different children and unlocking more of their interesting classes.

The story is so-so (a little stereotypical here and there sjdkf) but I’m only about halfway so I can’t give a full verdict…

More of a hentai dating-sim than an actual RPG (so be warned if you don’t like bouncing boobs and plain, dry, perverted humor); The fighting system is simple and fast, but the art and music are pleasant! It’s definitely not a game for everyone, but it’s a mindless pleasure that you have to just try out for yourself.


St. Valentine’s Day by sizk

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someone tell me that’s not kai’s “i’m so done with your shit ren” face

(i can’t believe i bought the novel just for the renkai cover)

"My brother’s a dumb nerd i’m not listening to him."